Starting out..

Ok, so clearly, having found a nice Bat image, I needed to know a little more.. turns out this one is just an illustration, which is handy, as I wont have to bother getting everything right ;-)

Given that multiple shades black & gray are not ideal to work with.. I started by throwing the image through an edge-detector, to get a better idea for the details.

This lets me see just the sort of bits the overall costume would need, and where they attach, and so on.

However it also lost a few bits, so I ended up tracing over it, creating this pencil based monstrosity.

Not bad, provided bat-thing doesnt look in the mirror, Im probably safe.

From this, I decided I could smash the costume up into bits that could be attempted one by one.

  • Mask
  • Cape & Attachment
  • Gauntlets/Gloves
  • Bodice
  • Leg Armor
  • Boots
  • Chest

At a guess, I figured I could do something like this.. 

The gauntlets, shoulders, cape all get split off to be made up out of something that looks good..

Then I build an undershirt, and hang the rest over the front of that.

Leggings should work with a standard pair, with the armor bits attached as required.

Lots of tabs to help hold it all together.

I kinda figure some sorta skirt will be required as well, as kids will be present, and I dont want to mentally scar them for life.. again..

That leaves the bodice part, which I figure can work with something like this..

Take a basic underbust corset, add the details ontop..

Then start thinking about how to keep the whole lot together, here playing around with the idea of having hidden fasteners under the hip armor, which can attach to the leggings to prevent them slipping down.

Not clear at this stage yet how to resolve the skirt (wavy bit on middle right image here) cutting the armor panels with its waistline.

More thought needed yet!!


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