All shapes & sizes

Ok, so time to think more about the whole chest area.. It's going to need a little enhancement, and I need to get an idea for sizes, practicality and so on.

A little thought and I realised that theres plenty of info on how to make this stuff, providing you are starting with the correct figure. Of course, there's not that much help on what to do if you are not.

So I started by plotting out various measurements...

Some of which are a little unusual, as having to create the chest area requires a little more thought if they are not to look like two melons welded to my front.

After some careful thought & referring to 'standard' sizes for these things, I settled on a moderate size ;-).

I also started to think about those shoulders.. just how to make that shape from anything flat..

It doesnt feel easy, and my first approach seems to create one with too much of a ridge at the top..


I can get the slope to look ok, but not the top..

Suspecting I might have to introduce a flat top cap, but I really dont like that idea.. might end up looking a bit too much like a soldier from the nutcracker suite then.


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