Where it all starts..

Ok, so there's this annual halloween party, which became a fancy dress party, which I started out by attending as Little Red Riding Hood, with an off the shelf costume. The year after I found a seller on ebay who could make things to size, and managed a passable Medieval Scottish Widow attempt.

This year, the challenge was very much, can I make the entire costume myself? where to start, a lot to learn (having never used a sewing machine before).

After a lot of looking around, eventually I settled on this ..

Which I figured was kind of doable.. and not as trivial as say.. a ghost using a sheet with 2 eyeholes ;-).

Now, I know I'm not going to get close to this, and besides I think it needs a few tweaks, as although black is pretty awesome, a costume needs a little more color in it.

The choice is made..


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