Bringing it all together..

The last bits to make up, are the shoulders.. and the cape..

The shoulders were proving a problem from the start, I couldnt find a way to get the nice rounded finish I sought, always ending up with a flat top, or pointy ridge.

Then, while buying some elastic & bits from the fabric shop, I noticed a whole rack of shoulder cups on the wall, just like they were being sold to make costumes from.. Of course on closer inspection, they turned out not to be shoulder cups at all, but preformed bra cups.. still, if they look right, which they do.. all I needed to do is coat them in latex paint!

After a bit of fiddling, I added some craft foam, a little pink trim, elastic armbands, and painted the lot in latex.

Not too bad!

Then I took a large bit of cheap halloween fabric, cut it to a vague Bat-Cape shape..

And mounted it onto the shoulders, with a bit of gathering.. like this..
Top cloth is spare coutil from the corset.

(actually not quite like this, there's one more bit of elastic, to help support the weight of the cape)

Then for the Bat-Mammary emulation device..

Start with one really tasteful pair of 38DD padded bras...

(in Zebra effect, and Lime Green, guaranteed to drive purchasers into a wild frenzy, which is obviously how they ended up in the sale of sales to end the century rack)

Carefully remove the cups from the zebra one, and attach them to the remaining to provide the correct shape, then add some cloth backing, and stuff the centers with all the little scraps of cloth collected during the make! The result looks very green, but works out ok under all the other layers.

The mask was shop bought, easier to get one there, to guarantee the right look.

And the last touch, was the boots.. Baby Pink vinyl, of course, but to see those, you'll need to wait for the party pix.. which will go online shortly after =)


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